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Advanced Dental Technology

Truly State-of-the-Art Care

A lot has changed in dentistry since Dr. Gromling first opened our dental office in 1980, and he has worked diligently to stay at the forefront of every advancement. He wants to bring state-of-the-art dentistry to our dental patients. He’s continually updating our dental office and completing advanced training to use the latest technology, helping him provide an even higher quality of care in less time than ever. If you’re ready to experience the best of modern-day dentistry combined with old-school customer service, schedule an appointment today.

Intraoral Camera

Patient receiving intraoral images

Thanks to this instrument, you’ll finally get to see your smile from your dentist’s point-of-view! A high-definition camera sits on the end of a pen-sized wand, and this can be used to take close-up images of your teeth and gums that we can display on a monitor right in the treatment room. Using them as visual aids, Dr. Gromling will be able to easily explain the current state of your dental health and point out any problem areas that might require extra treatment.

Digital X-Rays

Dental x-rays on computer screen

Long gone are the days where patients had to sit around our dental office waiting for their X-rays to develop. With digital X-rays, we can capture crystal-clear images in a matter of seconds and even show them to you on a chairside monitor. Patients with small children are also happy to find out that they emit about 90% less radiation compared to traditional film X-rays. And, the images can be easily edited so you can go over them and better understand what is going on underneath the surface of your smile.

Digital Impression System

Digital impression system on computer screen

Biting into a plate of dental putty used to be the way we created a model of a patient’s bite, but thankfully, that’s no longer the only option. In some cases, we use a small scanner to quickly capture thousands of unique images of the teeth and gums that are quickly stitched together by software to create a fully digital 3D image of the bite. The entire process is quick, comfortable, and accurate.

The Wand™

The wand local anesthesia tool

The Wand is perfect for patients who hate getting shots of local anesthetic before receiving dental treatment. This small, pen-like device looks and feels nothing like a syringe, and in fact, you’ll likely feel nothing at all! It applies a small amount of topical anesthetic to the area before administering the rest extremely slowly and evenly, which helps eliminate that “pinch” so many patients are familiar with. It’s also extremely precise, meaning we’ll only numb the area that we need to and not the entire side of your face!

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